Welcome to the Sparks of the Tempest Shetland sheepdogs kennel.

We are a small family based kennel. Our dogs always were, are and will be equal and legitimate members of our family. They live in our household under one common roof and participate at everything that is going on in our lives. Their health and well-being are most important for us.

Our breed is based on english and scandinavian pedigrees mostly. We are aiming to keep and venerate a true british type of our shelties in the future aswell.


Completed lectures, courses and seminars


Seminar „Training is a dialogue“

Lector: RNDr. Franti¹ek ©usta, Ph.D.


Seminar „Massage for dogs" - certificate

Lector:Bc. Kateøina Plaèková


Seminar for dog breeders - certificate

Lectors: MVDr. Jiøí Beránek - Hereditary eye diseases and MVDr. Tomá¹ Fiala - Kidney and urinary diseases.


Seminar „Dog handling - FCI Group I“

Lector: Ing. Libu¹e Brychtová


Lectures : „BARF – Raw food diet for dogs“ a „Raw food diet for pregnant and lactating bitches and puppies"

Lector: Kateøina Novosádová


Seminar The Shetland Sheepdog Standard" - certificate

Lector: Mrs. Maureen Bywater


Seminar „Puppy training and preparation for his future career in sports“

Lector: ©imona Drábková


Seminar Conformation and Movement" - certificate

Lector: Mr. Frank Kane

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